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주요 사양
모델 Mks-05
제조사 Ecotest
크기120(L) x 52(W) x 26(H)mm
무게약 150 grams
Detector G-M tube 내장
Range 0.1~9999 uSv/h
0.001~9999 mSv
10~100,000 1/cm2.min
Energy range 0.05~3.0 MeV
표시 단위 uSv/h, mSv, Beta Flux density
기능 beta, gamma, x-ray 측정가능
  • 휴대용 감마선량 측정기입니다.
  • 손으로 감아쥘 수 있을 만큼 콤팩트하여 알람미터용으로도 쓰입니다.
  • 간단한 사용방법으로 일반 방사선 관리구역 출입자, 대학교 실험시설 사용자 에게 유용합니다.

  1. Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose rate.
  2. Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose.
  3. Measurement of surface beta-particles flux density.
  4. Measurement of equivalent dose accumulation time.
  5. Real time measurement (clock).
  6. Five independent measuring channels with alternate indication of data on the single liquid crystal display.
  7. Built-in gamma, beta sensitive Geiger-Muller counter.
  8. Prompt evaluation of gamma background within 10 seconds.
  9. Automatic subtraction of gamma background at measurement of beta contamination.
  10. Measurement results averaging, manually and automatically interrupted.
  11. Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges.
  12. Audio signalling of each detected gamma-quantum and beta-particle with possible switching off.
  13. Two-tone audio alarm of exceeded programmed threshold levels.
  14. Digital display backlight.
  15. Two AAA size batteries.
  16. Power supply discharge indication.
  17. Shock resistant frame.
  18. Small weight and dimension parameters.