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190N Neutron meter

The self-contained 190N measures mRem in accordance with the classical Anderson and Braun design.
The neutron probe can be attached to either a 190 Survey Meter or a 190F Frisker for continuous neutron surveys or area monitoring.
This product has all the salient features of an auto-scaling digital survey meter including data logging. Using the 190-lA Infrared Communicator, manual data logging or automatic preset time data logging is accessible for data handling.
Neutron Probe, RP-N, can be interfaced to the 190F Frisker, with ac power for continuous monitoring.

Product Specifications
Readout Programmable features of a standard Model 190 Survey Meter.
Refer to the Model 190 data sheet for complete details
Alarm Audio and visual setpoint can be programmed into the Model 190N via the Model 190-1A Infrared Communicator
Logging of data The 190-1A Infrared Communicator interfaced to a personal computer can be used to set up data logging

Detector assembly, Model RP-N : The detector assembly is a polyethylene cylinder, 9.5 inches long by 8.5 inches in diameter, containing a BF3 proportional counter and neutron energy compensating materials.
It is based upon the standard reliable Anderson and Braun design for neutron energy response.
The handle is padded for ease of gripping.
An adjustable shoulder strap is provided

BF3 operating characteristics The BF3 proportional counter operates at 1150 V.
Active length is 2 inches (5.08 cm).
Fill gas is enriched BF3, 96% Boron 10.
Gas pressure is 20 cm Hg.
Resolving time is 1 microsecond, plateau slope is 2% per 100 V and tube life expectancy is greater than 1010 counts

Typical neutron sensitivity : Nominal 2000 counts per mRem

Range Rate 0 μRem/h to 75 Rem/h
0 μSv/R to 0.75 Sv/h
0 CPM to 2.5 x 106 CPM
0 CPS to 41,660 CPS
Integrate : 0 μRem to 1000 Rem
0 μSv to 10 Sv
0 to 109 counts
Gamma sensitivity/rejection No response in 137Cs gamma radiation in fields up to 500 R/h
Accuracy 10% of theoretical ICRP dose rate
Dimensions 12.50 Ø x 10.25 in (d) (31.75 x 26 cm)
Flexibility The Model 190 is detachable from the detector assembly for remote readings.
The Model 190 can be held or can be mounted on either side of the cylinder for convenient carrying
Miscellaneous Detector assembly cable length: 4.5 ft (1.37 m).
An optional 30 ft (9.14 m) cable is available
Weight 21 lb (9.52 kg) (total Model 190 + detector assembly)
Directionality Less than 20% in three orthogonal directions

Temperature range : The Model 190’s operating range is 14º to 104ºF (- 10° to + 40°C).
The detector assembly operating range is - 112º to 176ºF (- 80° to + 80°C)

Power requirements : Four 9 V alkaline batteries supplied, 100 hours operation

Calibration : The Model 190N is calibrated against a NIST traceable
“Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter” and uses Radium/ Beryllium neutrons at a distance of 100 cm