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주요 사양
Detector G-M tube
Range 0.01~1,000 uSv/h
표시 단위 mrem/h, uSv/h
기능alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray 측정가능
특징RS-485통신을 이용한 측정데이터 전송
10년 이상 사용가능한 자체 밧데리 내장
  • 휴대용 alpha,beta,gamma 용 다목적계측기입니다.
  • GM검출기가 내장되어 있으며, 내장된 배터리는 10년이상 사용이 가능합니다.

  1. Measuring by push button : One button is enough to instantly start radiation measurement.
  2. Tested precision instrument: Each GAMMA-SCOUT radiationmeter is subjected to rigorous endurance testing supervised by a certified European Institute of Radiation Protection. Each unit receives its own serialized test certificate.
  3. All radiation types : GAMMA-SCOUT® reliably measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation.
  4. Permanent operation : GAMMA-SCOUT® Geiger counter monitors radiation around the clock. Switch-on/-off is unnecessary, as is battery change.
  5. Low power consumption: Due to an innovative circuit design, the GAMMA-SCOUT system consumes almost no power. The built-in battery lasts up to ten years.
  6. Large display area : Values and settings are shown on the extra-large liquid crystal display.
  7. Menu control : An easy-to-understand menu guides you through all device functions.
  8. Data storage : GAMMA-SCOUT® radiation monitor continuously stores recorded pulses in internal memory.
  9. Evaluation by computer: Specially designed software included with GAMMA-SCOUT allows datad own load and evaluation on your laptop or PC.
  10. Compact design: GAMMA-SCOUT® Geiger counter is shock resistant, compact, light, and easily fits in your hand or pocket.