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주요 사양
모델 ASM-993 기준
제조사 Fluke Biomedical Inc.
제조국 미국
크기277(L) x 105(W) x 64(H)mm
무게 약 1,090grams
Detector G-M tube, Pancake probe 내장
Range 0.1~80 mR/h
Radiation Detected Alpha above 3.5 MeV
Beta above 35 keV
Gamma above 6 keV
표시 단위 mR/h, uSv/h, CPM, CPS
기능 alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray 측정가능
특징 Bar Graph 표시
방사선량, 오염검사 겸용
  • ASM 990 series는 원하는 probe를 종류에 따라 선택할 수 있습니다.
  • ASM 992 모델은 G-M tube 만 내장되어 있어 선량측정 전용입니다.
  • ASM 993 모델은 G-M tube와 Pancake probe가 같이 내장되어 있어
  • 방사선량 및 오염검사용으로 사용하실 수 있습니다.

The ASM-990 series can detect alpha, beta, gamma, or x-ray radiation within an operating range of 1 uSv/hr to 1 R/hr (1 to 5,000,000 CPM), depending on the selected probe (Geiger-Mueller, neutron, proportional counter, scintillation).

With the proper probe combination, this meter can be used as a general survey meter, an area monitor, a wipe test counter, and a contamination monitor.

Designed to meet the high technology requirements of health physics, medical physics, and nondestructive testing applications, the ASM-990 Series is well-suited for a wide range of end users, including: Radiation safety officers (RSO), nuclear medicine laboratories, diagnostic x-ray and hospital emergency room technicians, environmental health physicists, and emergency responders.

The units, with purchased probe, are shipped calibrated, ready-to-use, and include a MHV connector to ensure compatibility with all Fluke Biomedical probes. The 992 includes a fully calibrated internal energy compensated 1 R/hr GM detector. The 993 features a fully calibrated internal pancake detector as well as an internal energy compensated 1 R/hr GM detector.