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The area monitor, model VRM-202, has been designed to monitor continuously isotope laboratories, storage rooms for radioactive material, radio therapy rooms, etc. The robust and compact design allows placing in most situations, even in hostile environments. The foil key panel ensures easy decontamination. Two verions of the VRM-202 are available; the standard version offers the possibility of connecting one detector whereas a special version has up to five measuring channels, which are all working independently from each other. The standard VRM-202 is fitted with 18550 GM detectors, which measure gamma and X-rays from 48 keV up to 2 MeV. Other detectors can be connected, thus extending the measuring range of the instrument.

The doserate is displayed on a LCD-display in Sv/h, or in CPS when an end-window alpha/betha detector is connected. The instrument is autoranging. As an extra indication the doserate is shown in an analogue form by a graphical bar on the display. This bar has a logarithmic scale to cover the complete range of the selected detector.

Two individual alarms can be set to user defined alarm levels, each alarm having a relay output. A minimum alarm output, indicating a defective detector is also available. The different alarms are visualized by means of two large LED's (red and green) and can be made audible by activating the internal buzzer.

The VRM-202 can be connected to a computer by using the standard RS-232C interface. An analogue recorder can be connected to the recorder output for registration purposes. Extra alarm lights and a back-up battery are available as options.

For more technical specifications you can download our PDF-brochure.