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bdbg-09 (Detecting unit of gamma radiation, intelligent)

Measurement ranges of ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation and basic relative errors: 0.1㎲v/h..10 Sv/h ±15%
(0.1㎲v/h,,,100Sv/h-on demand)
Energy range of detected gamma radiation and energy dependence MeV 0.05...3,0;
Integraion time second 2...420
Time of operating mode setting of the detecting unit min 3
Operating supply voltage of detecting unit from external power supply V 5(7÷13)
Current consumption of the detecting unit for the entire gamma radiation DER measurement range, not more than mA 30
Operating temperature range -40...+60
Weight of the detecting unit without fastening elements kg 0,5
Dimensions of the detecting unit without fastening elements mm 170×60×60

IT-09 (Data panel)